Monday, July 7, 2014


So let's see here - it's been two weeks and one day since I have moved from Las Vegas, NV to Vancouver, WA.  Ideally Portland, OR would've been nicer, but I'm fortunate enough to have some really good friends out here and so I'm couch surfing until I land a job and get settled enough to venture on.  I have a few applications out there and waiting for responses and every other day I'm on the internet looking for job opportunities.

Portland is the shit.  It's just as awesome as it was 3 years ago and now that I'm exploring around and discovering the outdoors more, I'm falling in love even more.  I just need that stupid anchor of employment.  Ugh.  The only thing I have to get used to is the short on/off ramps/interchanges: it get's worse when you get into metropolitan Portland ("pdx" henceforth).  The freeway system can be a little confusing as well as the streets - and it doesn't matter what side of the rivers you're on.  I'm sure there will be a day when I can take my Garmin and bury it - but I suspect it might be a while.

In the short time that I've been here, I've been down the Columbia River Gorge (gotten lost on a trail to some hidden falls), been down and through St. Helens, across to Longview and back to Vancouver.  Explored a few places, broke my 300mm lens (which I'm seriously bummed out about), and having an interesting time.

It's also time to try and make some friends, check out the music scenes and get more accustomed to the area's nightlife and realize that it's not a 24 hour place - life out here is too nice for that.

Noteworthy facts: don't fill up gas in Oregon because the attendants have to pump it; not all gas stations are convenience stores, some are actually garages; don't buy smokes in Washington; and yes, there are mosquitoes.  Despite my protests, they still want to suck my blood.